Palm Beach FL Facial Plastic Surgery Review/Testimonial – Mark is one of the best facial plastic surgeons around. Eye Lifts, nose jobs and facelifts he is the best in PALM BEACH!

Palm Beach Facial Plastic Surgery Dr  Mark R  Murphy. Facial Plastic Surgery in Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Welcome to Palm Beach Facial Plastic Surgery, founded by Dr. Mark R. Murphy, Palm Beach’s most sought after facial plastic surgeon. Board-certified facial plastic surgeon and an author of the book Master Techniques in Facial Rejuvenation, Dr. Murphy is recognized for his consistent, natural, and lasting results in a safe and caring environment.
We encourage you to spend some time becoming familiar with Dr. Murphy and his practice. If you are interested in plastic surgery or other cosmetic services to look younger or refine your look, Palm Beach Facial Plastic Surgery offers a variety of surgical, non-surgical, and skincare options to suit your lifestyle.
Today both men and women of all ages are facing the aging process. While we cannot stop the aging process, Dr. Murphy can help you regain your vital, youthful appearance. Non-surgical options such as Botox® Cosmetic and injectable fillers are a wonderful short-term option. For those who wish to have long-term natural and lasting results, facelifts, brow lifts, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) , and nose surgery (rhinoplasty) are a few of the procedures in which Dr. Murphy specializes.
4280 Professional Center Drive Suite 310, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
Schedule a private consultation with Dr. Murphy to discuss the best options to reach your goals and fit your lifestyle.
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Glenn Freiboth ·  Top Commenter · Maine West High School

Hi Holger. I’ve asked you this before. I want to know if you can add voice-over .MP3’s to each slide or scene in Eplaindio? It’s a royal pain to time voice overs to an entire video. I create 1 .mp3 per slide in another program I have and want to know if Eplaindio will have this capability. If it does, this will be the only tool I use. I know Nick Lapolla is a programmer like me and programmers can get upgrades and fixes out proto unlike VMFX. Can you also directly import VMFX slides? If so, it will make VMFX obsolete! I bought ESP 2 last week for a discounted price but may try to get my money back as this does sketch animation. Does it do sketch to video also?

Glenn Freiboth ·  Top Commenter · Maine West High School

Nicholas LaPolla Rats. How long before you’ll add .MP3’s (voice-overs or music) timed to the scenes in an movie created with Explaindio?

Even without it, Explaindio looks light-years ahead of VMFX and ESP 2 which I own both of. I have been using VMFX the most. For some reason having an ALL SKETCH video seems pretty redundant and monotonous. My now, sketch can be done in moderation. This looks to be the best video creation software on the planet. I became an affiliate as soon as I saw the “teaser” videos. I know you won’t wait months before updating it and fixing bugs, if any, like VMFX. So long VMFX. I found a new shiny object. – LOL
Holger Speth

Other products of similar genre claimed to be the “Best” of the year. All I can say – “You tried the rest – Now get the BEST! I was fortunate to test this awesome Explaindio, and I had to force myself to take my hands of the keyboard and shut my brain cells. Just awesome.
Watch the training here >>>